The Revs visited Children's Hospital on July 29

An afternoon at Children’s

Eight Revolution players spent their afternoon on Wednesday, June 29, with patients at Children’s Hospital Boston as part of the team’s monthly visits to the hospital. Departing from Gillette Stadium after practice and heading straight into Boston for their much-anticipated visit, the Revolution were excited to give back to their community and brighten the day of some of Boston’s bravest residents.

The group, led by goalkeeper Matt Reis and including Zak Boggs, A.J. Soares, Ryan Kinne, Ryan Guy, Ryan Cochrane, Stephen McCarthy and Andrew Sousa, took time out of their hectic training schedules to participate in Fourth of July and summer- themed activities with the patients. The arts-and-crafts time included decorating summer visors with the children.

After spending time playing with the kids in the activity rooms, the players spent several hours visiting other patients who were not strong enough to join in on the group-activity fun. During these personal bedside visits, the Revs were delighted to take pictures and sign autographs for their enthusiastic supporters. During their stops, Reis gave away virtually every item he had brought with him to the visit, including several hats, bead necklaces and other festive decorations for the Fourth of July celebrations.

After the trip, the 36-year-old goalkeeper reflected on his time spent giving back to his community and the people that have embraced him since he began playing in New England in 2003.

“I think the one great thing about being a celebrity is being able to do things like give back to the kids and just to be able to see their faces when we walk into their room, you can brighten up their day with just a smile and it makes it all worthwhile,” Reis said.

Reis was also able to coax smiles out of each child he visited bedside, including several who were currently admitted into the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital for cardiac ailments. Using his trademark humor and quick wit, and by enlisting the help of sidekick Soares for the day, Reis helped to light up the faces of the children during his time spent in Boston.

With some kids already established soccer fans and eager to meet their favorite players, the Revs no doubt also made several new fans with the small children beaming and asserting that they will come to the next home game.

The players left the hospital with a distinct feeling of gratitude for being able to be a part of such a wonderful day.