Far Post Podcast | Roundtable on racial injustice - DL

On a special edition of The Far Post Podcast, Jeff Lemieux and Elizabeth Pehota welcome back Cathal Conlon and Jason Dalrymple to the show. The crew listens and then gives their reactions to a panel discussion on race hosted by Charlie Davies with current Revolution players Teal Bunbury and DeJuan Jones, former players Clyde Simms and Darrius Barnes, as well as front office member Sean Ndebele.

00:00 | Introduction
03:34 | Roundtable with Charlie, Teal, DeJuan, Clyde, Darrius and Sean begins

04:22 | Reaction to recent events and emotions under the current climate
10:08 | Navigating racism as a Black child in America
13:02 | Reaction to the protests, riots, and media coverage
16:36 | What do you think when you hear "All Lives Matter?"
23:20 | Navigating racism on the field and in the workplace
32:28 | Clyde Simms on speaking out and building a business as a Black man
36:08 | Returning to play under the current climate
38:04 | Experiences with support from Revolution fans at Gillette Stadium
43:03 | C.H.A.N.G.E. Initiative and MLS' place in the process
48:58 | Teaching your children about racism
58:14 | Closing thoughts

59:01 | Far Post Podcast conversation begins
59:41 | Biggest takeaways from the roundtable discussion
1:09:15 | Coming to grips with the pervasiveness of racism
1:13:06 | Why it's not enough to just be "not racist"
1:16:00 | Diversifying the Revolution front office
1:22:45 | Addressing Boston's reputation as a racist city
1:29:39 | Why saying "All Lives Matter" isn't the right response
1:34:25 | Understanding the protests and riots
1:41:15 | C.H.A.N.G.E. Initiative