What We're Doing

Kraft Family Delivers PPE to Healthcare Heroes

On Thursday, April 2, the Patriots plane arrived at Boston Logan International Airport filled with 1.2 million respirator masks for frontline healthcare workers. Governor Charlie Baker secured the order in China and the Kraft family then stepped up to coordinate transportation on the Patriots plane – overcoming many logistical hurdles in the process – and donated $2 million to help cover the cost of the desperately needed PPE. Additionally, the Kraft family purchased 300,000 respirator masks for healthcare workers in New York and transported those via a Patriots 18-wheeler truck to the Javits Center, where a field hospital has been constructed to treat COVID-19 patients in the nation's epicenter of the virus. Of the total order, 100,000 respirator masks were also donated to Rhode Island. An additional shipment of 500,000 respirator masks brings the total to 1.7 million units of PPE to be distributed. In order to continue supporting our healthcare heroes and first responders, the Patriots Foundation and Revolution Foundation are pledging 100% of all donations to the purchase of additional medical supplies in the fight against COVID-19.


Hometown Heroes

The New England Revolution Charitable Foundation is highlighting “Hometown Heroes” in the community who are on the front lines in battling COVID-19 and providing goods and services to those in need throughout New England.


Fans Raise Money for Additional PPE

In order to continue supporting our healthcare heroes and first responders, the Patriots and Revolution Foundations pledged 100 percent of all donations in the month of April to the purchase of additional medical supplies in the fight against COVID-19. In total, fans raised $179,370, which purchased nearly 17,000 Level 3-4 medical gowns. These gowns are being distributed to hospitals, healthcare facilities and local boards of health across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that MEMA has determined to be most in need.

Kraft Family Supports Victims of Domestic Violence

In response to the rising incidents of domestic violence during the "stay at home" orders, Robert Kraft donated $100,000 to support the work of Casa Myrna through this crisis. Casa Myrna is Boston's largest provider of shelter and supportive services to survivors of domestic violence, providing safety, resources, advocacy and information since 1977. They operate SafeLink, the statewide domestic violence hotline, and promote domestic and dating violence prevention through awareness and education. All of their support services are provided to survivors free of charge.

Additionally, the Kraft family and the Patriots Foundation will be providing more than $27,000 in gift cards to homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters all across New England.


Packed and Distributed More than 2 Million Meals through Food4Vets

In early April, the Patriots and Revolution teamed up with the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation to provide "vital food packages" to veterans, military families and veteran service organizations. These packages contain non-perishable foods and nutritionist-developed recipes to provide three meals a day for two people for 14 days. Since the program's inception, more than 2 million meals have been assembled. The Kraft family provided space at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough to help meet the demand for meals, where food continues to be packed and then distributed throughout New England. What began as a 10 day food drive has continued to grow in response to the COVID-19 crisis. More than 40,000 pounds of pasta were donated and sorted at A.C. Moore at Patriot Place to be added to the vital food packages. A farmers market with fresh produce and dairy items have also been made available to veterans at Gillette Stadium. Additionally, more than 30 food banks and shelters have benefited from the donations distributed at Gillette Stadium.


Soup-R Bowl

On Friday, May 8, Gillette Stadium hosted its first ever Soup-R Bowl to support 1,000 local veterans and families. As an extension of the Food4Vets program, recipients were provided a special tailgate package containing ready-to-heat soup, crackers, salad fixings, eggs, cheese, corn, potatoes, milk, orange juice, fruit and more without ever leaving the comfort of their cars. Volunteers loaded each vehicle curbside, ensuring families in need could receive food in a safe and efficient manner. These meals were provided courtesy of the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation and the Kraft family. A second Soup-R Bowl is being planned for Friday, June 12.

Robert Kraft purchases Chrome Books for Boston Public School students

Immediately following the closure of the Boston Public School system in March, Robert Kraft donated $250,000 to the Boston Resiliency Fund. This donation funded the purchase of Chrome Books for children in the Boston Public School system who did not have laptops so they could participate in the online education all schools are instituting during the "stay at home” orders.


Gillette Stadium hosts COVID-19 Public Safety Testing Site

In conjunction with the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, Gillette Stadium opened a COVID-19 testing site for first responders. The testing site is available by appointment only to state and municipal police and fire personnel, municipal EMS and PSAP personnel, Massachusetts National Guard personnel on active duty and correction officers. The site is able to test up to 200 individuals a day who are experiencing symptoms, and in doing so, helps alleviate the burden on hospitals and medical facilities which are providing tests to the general public.


More Than a Game | Farrell raises $3,000 for COVID-19 relief with Fortnite tourney

Revolution defender Farrell organized two Fortnite tournaments: first, a single-player competition, followed by a squad battle a few days later. Between those two tournaments, Farrell helped raise $3,000 in total to fight against COVID-19.


Donation of $100,000-worth of Food to Local Shelters and Pantries

On Wednesday, April 1, more than a dozen food pantries and homeless shelters in Massachusetts and Rhode Island were invited to Gillette Stadium to pick up frozen food items that would have otherwise been used for stadium events, equating to more than $100,000 worth of food. The local food pantries were able to break up the large quantities of food into smaller bags for individuals in need. Some shelters plan to use the food to cook take-out meals for individuals who are currently homeless.



The Kraft family, the Patriots Foundation and the Revolution Charitable Foundation have teamed up with the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation (MMSF) to provide meals to veterans and their families who have limited access to food due to the coronavirus. Gillette Stadium is a distribution site for individuals to pick up boxes. Each box contains 84 meals, enough to provide three meals a day for two people for 14 days. On the first distribution day, more than 75,000 meals were given out.


VIDEO: Food4Vets 1 Millionth Meal

Blood Drives

Starting Monday, April 13, Gillette Stadium will host a number of blood drives in partnership with the Kraft Family Blood Donor Center and the American Red Cross. Because red blood cells and platelets cannot be stored for long periods, donations by healthy volunteers are needed to continuously replenish the supply. For a complete list of dates and to make an appointment, please click the link below.


St. Francis House Homeless Shelter Donation

Gillette Stadium, with the support of the Kraft family, donated to-go boxes, napkins and plastic utensils to St. Francis House, the largest day shelter in Massachusetts, as the shelters continue to serve Boston's homeless population in this critical time.

National Doctor's Day

Robert Kraft, along with players from the Patriots and the Revolution, recorded messages thanking doctors and our many healthcare heroes on National Doctor's Day on March 30. Gillette Stadium used its video boards inside and outside the stadium to display messages of appreciation to doctors and medical professionals as well. One message read: "Some superheroes wear capes. Ours wear scrubs.”