Revolution Academy Academic Initiative

"We're really pleased with how well our players have performed in the classroom this year. We require them to send us their transcripts each semester and it's clear that they have worked very hard. Playing for a professional club in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy requires good time management skills in order to be successful both in the classroom and on the field. This is very important to us as an organization, and is just one component of our initiative to prepare these young men for college and beyond." -Bryan Scales, Director of Youth Development

Choosing the best college option is one of the most critical decisions a young soccer player and his family can make. The ability for our players to get a college education while continuing to develop as a soccer player is of paramount importance to the New England Revolution, and has led to the creation of the Revolution Academic Initiative.

The Revolution’s Director of Youth Development, Bryan Scales, has more than 20 years of college coaching experience at the NCAA Division I, II and III levels. Scales, the former 11-year head coach at Cornell University in the Ivy League was most recently the head coach at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell before joining the New England Revolution in a full-time capacity.

With his extensive experience recruiting players for not only their academic achievements, but also their athletic prowess, he has placed an increased importance on the role of academics and athletic success together.

With the creation of the Revolution Academic Initiative, the Revs youth program prioritizes the establishment of a team atmosphere that fosters success both on and off the field.

Finding the right college for our players is critical. There are a number of events and initiatives that we conduct throughout the year to support and facilitate the college recruiting process for our student-athletes.

  • Study hall on the road
  • College Night
  • NLI Signing Event

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