Academy FAQs

Player Development Programs

 1. How do I know which program is best for me or my child?

We have an extensive program offering that caters all levels of players, from the beginner to the elite players. There is a Revolution Academy program that fits the needs of every player in the region.

Our Player Development Programs – Team Training Academy, Taylor Twellman Goal Scoring Academy, town Training Programs – are best for developmental, travel and select players, ages 7 to 16.

The Regional Development Schools (RDS) is advanced training for more advanced players, including those who play premier and top-level club soccer, ages 8 to 14.

Our elite programs, including the Residential Academy (ages 10 to 17) and the Revolution Training Center (ages 12 to 17), are for the region’s elite players who plan to pursue collegiate playing careers and hope to play professionally one day.

 2. Is your training for boys only?

No. In fact, almost all of our programs are open to boys and girls. These co-ed programs include the Regional Development Schools, High School Academy, Goalkeeper Academy, Taylor Twellman Goal Scoring Academy, Player Development Programs, and our Town Association and Club Training Programs.

The only programs that are for boys only are the Summer Residential Academy and the Revolution Training Center. All other programs are co-ed.

 3. Do you offer specialized goalkeeper training?

Yes, we have several programs specifically geared to goalkeepers. These programs include the Regional Development School Goalkeeping Academy, the High School Goalkeeping Academy and the Summer Goalkeepers Academy.

 4. What is the player to instructor ratio?

We maintain a player to instructor ratio between 16:1 and 12:1 for all of our Player Development Programs.

 5. What equipment do I need to bring with me to the training program?

Players who attend Revolution Academy training programs should bring the following items with them to each session: soccer ball (fully-inflated), shin guards, large personal water container (filled with water), extra t-shirt and socks, warm-up jacket, sweatshirt or rain top, appropriate shoes for outdoor play, sunscreen and a snack.

 6. Do I need to bring a lunch or my own water to a training program?

We suggest that players bring a snack and water or a sports drink with them for the sessions they attend. We also suggest diluting the sports drink with water to cut down on excess sugars during the day. We have extra water on site at every Revolution Academy training session, but we strong suggest players start the day with their own water.

 7. What does each participant receive at the session?

In addition to receiving top-level coaching and instruction, Player Development Program participants also receive an assortment of amenities that vary by program.

In 2012, such amenities include: official Revolution Academy soccer ball, Revolution Academy t-shirt, Spaulding Rehab cinch sac, tickets to a New England Revolution match, on-field recognition at a New England Revolution match, opportunity to watch a Revolution first-team training session and a voucher from We Got Soccer.

The actual amenities vary by program.

 8. How do I register for Player Development Programs?

Overviews of each of our Player Development Programs are available here. We have programs that meet the needs and skill level of almost every player.

 9. Are there team or family discounts?

For teams who want additional training through the Revolution Academy, we offer specific Team Academy programs. The total cost for those program usually ends up equating to a discounted program per participating player. We do not offer family discounts.

 10. What if I experience difficulty registering online?

If you are unable to complete the online registration, please contact our offices and we can register you over the phone.

 11. If it rains or forecasts call for excessive heat, will the training program be cancelled?

We do monitor the weather in each location each day. If thunder and/or lightning enter the area, we try to wait out the storm in a sheltered area. If we cannot return to the program given the weather, we make every effort to make up the missed time during the week at the other sessions. In the case of excessive heat, we take additional water breaks and also conduct some activities and rest periods in the shade, when available.

 12. If I get sick or injured and cannot participate in the program I registered for, will I be able to get a refund?

We handle sickness and injuries on a case-by-case basis. When we can, we will re-schedule the player into another scheduled Academy session.

Academy Teams

 1. In what age groups do offer have teams?

We have boys’ Under-14, Under-15, Under-16/17, and Under-18/19 teams. All four teams compete in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy.

 2. What kind of player is on the Revolution youth teams?

The Revolution youth teams are part of an elite player development program and are meant for only the region’s top players. All aspects of the program are conducted professionally and under the guidance of the New England Revolution technical staff. The program is meant to develop players who will go on to play soccer at the highest levels, including professionally and collegiately.

 3. How do I join the Revolution academy teams?

Try-outs for the Revolution academy teams are held each summer, usually in June and/or July, for interested players.

We also strongly recommend that players who are interested in playing for the Revolution youth teams participate in the Revolution Academy’s advanced programs, like the Regional Development Schools (RDS) or the Residential Academy. Top players at those programs are offered invitations to the Revolution Training Center, a supplemental training program which mimics the Revolution’s training sessions and is held monthly at Gillette Stadium, and is free of charge.

Potential players who have participated in RDS and Residential Academy programs are seen by the Revolution youth teams coaches for longer periods of time and in more game-like situations, and receive a stronger evaluation than players who try-out without any previous experience in the Revolution Academy programs.

 4. How much will it cost to play with the Revolution youth teams?

Players and their families are not subject to any annual fees or charges in order to play for the Revolution. All players’ needs and expenses related to soccer activities – including training, facilities, equipment, uniforms and team travel associated with competitions – are provided and paid by the Revolution at no cost to the players or their families.

 5. How much do the Revolution youth teams train?

While in-season, the Revolution youth teams typically train three (3) days a week at Gillette Stadium in addition to games during the weekend.

The teams generally train for a two-hour window between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Revolution youth teams will not train during the summer months after the teams’ final competition.

 6. May parents watch training sessions?

As the team promotes a professional environment, once the season begins, all training sessions closed to non-team personnel, including parents.

 7. How does the U.S. Soccer Development Academy’s new 10-month season affect Revolution youth team players?

All players who are members of the teams who play in U.S. Soccer’s Development Academy must now play 10-month seasons with their club team, as required by U.S. Soccer. In most cases, this precludes players from participating in their high school soccer seasons. With the new competition season, the Revs youth teams will begin in-season training in August, and go through the end of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy season and playoffs.

 8. What types of off-field development do the teams do?

In addition to regular on-field training, players on the youth teams receive the following off-field benefits: academic support during all road trips, college counseling and advising, nutrition guidance, medical and athletic training support, strength & conditioning instruction and facilities, sports psychology support and video analysis.

 9. How do the Revolution youth teams travel to games?

For all home games and select away games in the general southern New England area, families are expected to provide for transportation to the games, whether they are at Gillette Stadium or another off-site location. For away games played outside of New England, the team will travel together by bus. For U.S. Soccer Development Academy Showcases and Playoffs, as well as international travel, the team travels via commercial air.

 10. When the team is traveling, how much supervision will the players have?

The Revolution youth teams travel a full complement of staff to every away match. This generally includes at least five coaches, a certified athletic trainer and a communications staff member. The player to staff ratio can range from 5:1 to 7:1, depending on the match or competition.

 11. How does the Revolution youth teams staff assist players academically?

On every team road trip, the team has mandatory study hall hours in a quiet location, and staff is available to proctor tests and quizzes as needed by the players’ schools. Additionally, as players begin to evaluate college options, the Revolution youth staff helps the players with various panels, counseling and recommendations.

 12. How does the Revolution youth team staff assist players during the recruiting process?

One of the greatest advantages of playing in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy is the access college coaches have to watch players in elite playing environments. In addition to prime scouting opportunities, the Revolution youth team staff works with players and their families to guide and counsel during the recruiting process.

Younger players are introduced to the recruiting process at College Night each year, when top college coaches and recruiters visit the Revs youth teams to talk about the process, qualities teams look for, and what to expect playing college soccer.

 13. How much interaction is there between the youth teams and the Revolution first team?

The entire New England Revolution club is housed together in the new state-of-the-art Revolution Training Center in Foxborough, including the Revolution first team, Revolution II, and Revolution Academy. With the entire technical staff under one roof, the youth teams operate under the direction of Sporting Director Bruce Arena and Technical Director Curt Onalfo, ensuring integration from the MLS level all the way through the youth ranks. 

The playing philosophy of the first-team - a technical, possession- and passing-based game - is carried over and also cultivated by the youth teams. The first-team technical staff is kept abreast of the youth teams’ performance, including players who have the potential to be signed by the club. The first-team coaches also attend youth team training sessions periodically to see the progress of the teams and players first-hand.

In addition to the coaching staffs working together, the youth teams’ top players have the opportunity to train with the first team during school breaks, including during the summer months. Additionally, youth team players are routinely called up to play in MLS Reserve League matches alongside first-team players.

Finally, players from the first team periodically meet with the youth teams to talk about their soccer careers and ask questions about life as a pro.