Academy Coaching Staff

Revolution Academy Staff
Michael Burns General Manager
Bryan Scales Director of Youth Development
Academy Youth Teams Coaching Staff
Under-18s Coaching Staff  
Bryan Scales Head Coach
John Frederick Assistant Coach
Karl Spratt Assistant Coach
Under-16s Coaching Staff  
Jonathan Pereira Head Coach
Kyle Teixeria Assistant Coach
Karl Spratt Assistant Coach
Under-14s Coaching Staff  
Dave Demelo Head Coach
Ross Duncan Assistant Coach
Jasir Charris Assistant Coach
Under-13s Coaching Staff  
Ruben Resendes Head Coach
Gary Hall Assistant Coach
Jasir Charris Assistant Coach
Under 12  
Gary Hall Director, U12 Alliance/Scouting
Youth Teams Goalkeeper Coaches  
Karl Spratt Director of Goalkeeping
Jasir Charris Goalkeepers Coach
Athletic Training Staff  
Phil Madore Head Academy Athletic Trainer
Matthew Kirkpatrick Academy Athletic Trainer
Alex Blenis Youth Teams Athletic Trainer

Note – Youth Team coaches are formally “assigned” to a particular team for record-keeping purposes with U.S. Soccer, but in practice, all coaches work with players in all three age levels.

Deven Apajee Revolution Academy Director
Gary Hall Program Development Manager
Debra Godbout Program Coordinator
Karl Spratt Manager of Goalkeeper Programs / RDS Technical Staff
Ross Duncan Technical Director
Kevin Friel Assistant Technical Director
Wayne Sygrove Technical Director of Training Programs
Jasir Charris RDS Technical Staff
Steve Cimino RDS Technical Staff
David DeMelo RDS Technical Staff
Kyle Teixeira RDS Technical Staff
Firmiano Ribeiro RDS Technical Staff
Fernando Valencia RDS Technical Staff
Tristan Lewis RDS Technical Staff
Matt Murray RDS Technical Staff
Luis Faria RDS Technical Staff
Kelsey Veins RDS Technical Staff
Taylor Twellman Featured Coach
Laura Comeau Staff Coach
Joel Cordeiro Staff Coach
Carlos Costa Staff Coach
Kiel Dwyer Staff Coach
Kevin Flaherty Staff Coach
Justin Fredsell RDS Technical Staff/ Staff Coach
Gio Frizzo Staff Coach
Adam Gabbard Staff Coach
Pete Gallo Staff Coach
Matt Groppo Staff Coach
Daniel Hristov Staff Coach
Sydney Kahan Staff Coach
Brandon Martins Staff Coach
Matt Murray Staff Coach
Matt Pecheone Staff Coach
Shannen Pelletier Staff Coach
Justin Resendes Staff Coach
Ruben Resendes Staff Coach
Alex Rozkov Staff Coach
Mike Rugnetta Staff Coach
Stephanie Santos Staff Coach
Andrew Sousa Staff Coach
Daniel Struk Staff Coach
Diego Tabares Staff Coach
Ariel Teixeira Staff Coach
Fernando Valencia Staff Coach
Kelsey Veins Staff Coach
Fernando Vitorino Staff Coach
Lindsey Weaver Staff Coach
Ged White Staff Coach
Kyle Yelin Staff Coach