Headline News - Feb. 3

Today’s top three stories from around the soccer world



Jonah Freedman discusses the “risks” MLS teams are taking with recent signings. The MLSSoccer.com scribe says that when offering contracts, teams have “determined the risk-reward ratio is worth the trouble.” Whether high-risk investments or lesser gambles, teams across the board are making moves this season.
Revolution head coach Jay Heaps hopes Colombian striker José Moreno will fill “a position that [they've] been desperately looking for.” Kyle McCarthy comments on the factors that went into the decision to acquire Moreno – noting the No. 9’s history in the sport.
Jeremiah Oshan notes that 30-year-old José Moreno will be a useful addition to the Revolution’s roster. In hopes of making the Revs a force to be reckoned with, experienced Moreno could be exactly what they need.