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17 July 11:22 pm


After Tuesday night’s game, Wednesday was an off day for the Revolution Under-18 team, allowing for plenty of recovery time.
After breakfast and lunch, the players had a short regen session in the pool. As part of their off-day activities, they also had the opportunity had the chance to spend some time around the hotel and away from the dorms.
The group then returned for dinner at the dining hall, before a night of preparing for tomorrow’s final group game.
On Thursday, the Revs will take on St. Louis Scott Gallagher Missouri – the current fourth-place team in Group 2 – at 9:30 p.m. ET. A live stream from field 6 of the Houston Amateur Sports Park will be available HERE
17 July 4:59 am


Tuesday was a game day for the Revolution Under-18 team, and the players and staff prepared as such.
Breakfast and lunch were served in the dining hall at the dorms, and treatments were available early afternoon.
The group met up again at 4:30 and took the bus over to Houston Amateur Sports Park shortly after. Upon arrival, the team learned that lightning delays were again in effect, and the start of warm-ups had been delayed. After spending some time in the locker room, the group was allowed to take the field.
Another pair of late-game goals saw the Revs suffer their second consecutive Finals Week loss. For more, a game recap is available on
After the game, the team received a pep talk from the coaches, iterating that the staff was proud of the group for their accomplishments this season and this week, and that there are still two games left to play like professionals.
A postgame meal was served back at the dorms and the players then took ice baths before returning to their rooms for the night.
With a rest day tomorrow, the Under-18s will play their third group game of Finals Week against St. Louis Scott Gallagher Missouri on Thursday, July 18, at 9:30 p.m. ET.


15 July 10:10 pm


After last night’s game, Monday was an off day for the Revolution U18s, and a fairly quiet one at that.
After breakfast, the players had a mandatory meeting with U.S. Soccer and lunch followed.
The group then spent the remainder of the day at the mall, doing some shopping and enjoying a bit of downtime away from the dorms.
On Tuesday, the Revs will take on De Anza Force – the current first-place team in Group 2 – at 7 p.m. ET. A live stream from field 2 of the Houston Amateur Sports Park will be available HERE
15 July 6:47 am


The U18 team played its first game of the 2012-13 U.S. Soccer Development Academy Finals Week on Sunday, so much of the day was spent preparing.
After breakfast, the teams attended a welcome session. Lunch then followed, and the players then returned to their rooms to rest or received treatment from the trainer.
Ahead of the pregame meal, players and staff trickled down into a common area to play videogames and board games. A game of Jenga between coaches Bryan Scales and Karl Spratt became particularly compelling, drawing a crowd of Revolution and other teams’ players. Spratt came away as champion, but in good, competitive fun, Scales continues to question the legitimacy of his tactics.
The bus departed for the field around 7 p.m., but lightning in the area stopped played in the earlier games multiple times. Ultimately, the Revs kicked off an hour later than expected.
The Revs suffered a dramatic 3-2 loss in its opening game of Finals Week., giving up a pair of late goals to Shattucks-Saint Mary’s. A game recap is available on 
A quiet bus ride later, the team arrived at the dorms and had a postgame meal before returning to their rooms.
With a rest day tomorrow, the Under-18s will play their second game of Finals Week against De Anza Force (Calif.) on Tuesday, July 16, at 7 p.m. ET.


13 July 11:55 pm

Brad Feldman and Jeff Causey break down the Revs' 2-1 loss to the Houston Dynamo in this highlight video.

13 July 11:24 pm


The Under-18 team traveled to Houston on Saturday for the Revolution’s first-ever U.S. Soccer Development Academy Finals Week.
With players and staff meeting at the airport at 3 a.m., it was an early start to the day. One direct flight and a bus ride later, the group arrived at the University of Houston, where the players are staying – along with the rest of the teams – during the tournament.
After lunch in the dining hall, everyone had a few hours to settle in and catch up on sleep.
The group met again for dinner, before leaving for Houston Amateur Sports Park, where the U18s had a light training session.
After returning the dorms, the players went their separate ways – some opting for a post-training snack in the dining hall and others hitting the ice baths.
Finals Week play begins tomorrow and the Revs are set to take on Shattuck-Saint Mary’s at 9:30 p.m. ET. Live in-game updates can be found on Twitter at @NERevolution.
10 July 1:12 pm

This gem comes courtesy of Juan Agudelo's Instagram account. Is this the new Harlem Shake? Only time will tell, folks.

08 July 4:48 pm

Saer Sene gets down with Dimitry Imbongo after Dimitry's goal on Saturday night.

07 July 5:22 pm

Highlights and analysis of the Revs' 2-0 win over San Jose with Brad Feldman and Jeff Causey.

04 July 11:19 am

From a personal standpoint, I had just one objective during last weekend’s trip to the West Coast: dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean.

I’d actually been to California several times before and had even visited the beach to see the Pacific, but had never actually set foot in the water. It seemed like something I needed to do.

So on Saturday afternoon a small group of Revolution staffers hopped in a cab and told the driver to take us to Redondo Beach, which was the closest to our hotel.

“Redondo, huh? Everyone else is going to Hermosa, but you want to go to Redondo,” he said.

It seemed like a not-so-subtle hint that we were making the wrong decision.

“Should we go to Hermosa instead?” I asked.

“I would,” the cabbie responded. “It’s only five minutes further and there’s a lot more action.”

Never one to pass up a good tip, I told him to take us to Hermosa Beach.

We certainly didn’t end up disappointed with our decision. We arrived in the midst of a beach volleyball tournament – an incredibly underrated sport – and immediately made our way down to the water to get our feet wet, literally. The water was cold, but refreshing. And it was the Pacific.

After spending a bit of time on the pier watching the surfers – including one older, overweight gentleman who did a full headstand while riding a wave – we retreated to the boardwalk for a bit of lunch on the water.

Now if only we could’ve picked up three points against Chivas USA that night, the trip would’ve been perfect …