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18 January 7:15 pm

Dropping temperatures today turned a predicted rainy day into an unexpected snowstorm this afternoon, leaving many slipping and sliding all over the roads of New England. While it may have been just cold enough to snow, it appears as if Jose Goncalves and Stephen McCarthy were doing something much, much colder over the course of the weekend thus far - Cryotherapy.

What is a Cryotherapy chamber? Via Wikipedia:

The chamber is cooled, typically with liquid nitrogen, usually to a temperature of −120 °C (−184 °F)—although temperatures of −140 °C (−220 °F) or even −160 °C (−256 °F) have been used.[7] The patient is protected from acute frostbite with socks, gloves and mouth and ear protection, but in addition to that, wears nothing but a bathing suit. The patient spends a few minutes in the chamber. During treatment the average skin temperature drops to 12 °C (54 °F), while the coldest skin temperature can be 5 °C (41 °F). The core body temperature remains unchanged during the treatment, however it may drop slightly afterwards. Therapy triggers the release of endorphins which induce analgesia (immediate pain relief).

Suddenly this snow doesn't seem all that bad.

18 December 10:31 am

Kelyn Rowe attempts to help Diego Fagundez's portion of the holiday photo shoot. This particular idea didn't work out too well.

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17 December 2:43 pm

Andrew Farrell appears to be looking for Santa...

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16 December 3:34 pm

Hi, Chris! Hi, Chris! Hi, Chris! 

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10 December 10:18 am

It's the GIF that keeps on giving. Matt Reis just can't get that hat to stay on!

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09 December 2:39 pm

Ahhh, the Holidays. A time to spend time with friends and family and be thankful for all of the wonderful things we have.

We here on the Revs Digital team are quite thankful to have these wonderful holiday GIFs (see what I did there?) to share with you over the next few weeks. Don't ask why Jose Goncalves has a bow on his head - just enjoy it and look forward to the next one. And if you're looking for that perfect holiday gift  - grab a Revolution 4- or 6-game Holiday Pack here.

20 November 1:44 pm

A recap and breakdown of the 2013 Revolution season by CSNNE's "State of the Revs" crew.

14 November 5:03 pm

Today was a monumental day here in the Revoluton offices, as Cathal Conlon accepted the 2013 Far Post Podcast Predictions trophy, in a short ceremony outside of Jeff Lemieux's desk. Cathal then proceeded to take the trophy on a tour around the office in celebration.

(Left to Right) 1. The trophy in all its glory. 2. Cathal accepts the trophy from JWro. 3. A visit to the Revolution trophy case. 4. Rubbing it in Tim Crawford's face. 5. Ummm... 6. Afternoon coffee. 7. Nguyenning. 8. Passersby were frightened. 9. Impeding Jeff Lemieux's productivity for the afternoon.

06 November 2:27 pm

You want a podcast this week? You got it. Well, kind of. Cathal and I go rogue and give you a short, short version of The Far Post Podcast ahead of tonight's Revolution playoff match in Kansas City.

03 November 7:42 pm chimes in on the Revs's 2-1 victory over Sporting KC. Do Greg Lalas, Simon Borg and Cory Gibbs think the Revs first goal was legit? Watch and find out.

Spoiler alert: They think the right (non) call was made.