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New England Revolution

09 March 8:20 pm

Revolution play-by-play man Brad Feldman and color analyst Paul Mariner break down the Revs' 4-0 loss to the Houston Dynamo on March 8 to begin the 2014 season.

27 February 5:16 pm

The guys on the Far Post Podcast love the constant support and encouragement we hear from our diehard listeners (even if there are only 50 of you). Those relationships are why we enjoy the show as much as we do. So when those who listen to us make suggestions, we listen back.

That’s precisely how the Far Post Fantasy League was born. A loyal listener (thanks, Ben Lofthouse!) suggested we set up a fantasy league for fans of the podcast and it seemed like a pretty brilliant idea.

You can join the league HERE. It’s free, open to everybody and incredibly simple to set up a team. Each week on the Far Post Podcast as part of our “Around the League” segment, we’ll highlight the top teams from that week and keep tabs on who leads in the overall standings.

If that’s not enough incentive, we’ll also have some pretty sweet Revolution-related prizes for the top overall winners at the end of the season. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

27 February 3:48 pm

Revolution President Brian Bilello joined WPRI 12's Michaela Johnson on this morning's edition of "The Rhode Show" to talk Jersey Week, season opener viewing parties and more.

05 February 3:55 pm

Today is Revolution rookie forward Patrick Mullins' birthday. Goalkeeper Brad Knighton said happy birthday in his own special way. And as a side note, Brad Knighton will need to have his head on a swivel, as his birthday is tomorrow (February 6).

And in GIF form:

28 January 6:20 pm

Andrew Farrell is growing (and stroking) his beard - until at least March 8

22 January 12:44 pm

As the Revs’ roster continues to take shape before training camp opens on Saturday, we have a few more pieces of roster information for our newest players.

The team’s four news players have selected their jersey numbers, while one familiar face has changed his number.

First, Charlie Davies will not be wearing No. 99 this season. Instead, he’s cutting his number in half – he’ll go with just No. 9 in 2014.

As for two MLS veterans who have joined the team, Paolo DelPiccolo will wear No. 3, while Brad Knighton – who wore No. 24 in his first go-round with the Revs – will don #18 this time.

The team’s top two draft picks have also selected their numbers. Steve Neumann will be No. 4, while Patrick Mullins will wear No. 7.

Will anyone be personalizing their new 2014 jerseys with any of these numbers?

18 January 7:15 pm

Dropping temperatures today turned a predicted rainy day into an unexpected snowstorm this afternoon, leaving many slipping and sliding all over the roads of New England. While it may have been just cold enough to snow, it appears as if Jose Goncalves and Stephen McCarthy were doing something much, much colder over the course of the weekend thus far - Cryotherapy.

What is a Cryotherapy chamber? Via Wikipedia:

The chamber is cooled, typically with liquid nitrogen, usually to a temperature of −120 °C (−184 °F)—although temperatures of −140 °C (−220 °F) or even −160 °C (−256 °F) have been used.[7] The patient is protected from acute frostbite with socks, gloves and mouth and ear protection, but in addition to that, wears nothing but a bathing suit. The patient spends a few minutes in the chamber. During treatment the average skin temperature drops to 12 °C (54 °F), while the coldest skin temperature can be 5 °C (41 °F). The core body temperature remains unchanged during the treatment, however it may drop slightly afterwards. Therapy triggers the release of endorphins which induce analgesia (immediate pain relief).

Suddenly this snow doesn't seem all that bad.

16 December 3:34 pm

Hi, Chris! Hi, Chris! Hi, Chris! 

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10 December 10:18 am

It's the GIF that keeps on giving. Matt Reis just can't get that hat to stay on!

Looking for that perfect holiday gift? Grab a Revolution 4- or 6-game Holiday Pack here.

09 December 2:39 pm

Ahhh, the Holidays. A time to spend time with friends and family and be thankful for all of the wonderful things we have.

We here on the Revs Digital team are quite thankful to have these wonderful holiday GIFs (see what I did there?) to share with you over the next few weeks. Don't ask why Jose Goncalves has a bow on his head - just enjoy it and look forward to the next one. And if you're looking for that perfect holiday gift  - grab a Revolution 4- or 6-game Holiday Pack here.