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lizz summers

22 January 12:44 pm

As the Revs’ roster continues to take shape before training camp opens on Saturday, we have a few more pieces of roster information for our newest players.

The team’s four news players have selected their jersey numbers, while one familiar face has changed his number.

First, Charlie Davies will not be wearing No. 99 this season. Instead, he’s cutting his number in half – he’ll go with just No. 9 in 2014.

As for two MLS veterans who have joined the team, Paolo DelPiccolo will wear No. 3, while Brad Knighton – who wore No. 24 in his first go-round with the Revs – will don #18 this time.

The team’s top two draft picks have also selected their numbers. Steve Neumann will be No. 4, while Patrick Mullins will wear No. 7.

Will anyone be personalizing their new 2014 jerseys with any of these numbers?

13 March 8:58 pm

Want to support the Revs on the road and aren’t quite sure where to start? Do you drive? Do you try to organize with other like-minded Revs fans? Do you think about it and then just don’t spring to action and end up watching from your couch or an official Revs Pub Partner?

Well, this year, don’t be that supporter … change that and GET ON THE BUS!

The Revs’ supporters groups – The Midnight Riders and The Rebellion – are making it easy for Revs fans who want to travel to support the team and invade Red Bull Arena on April 20.

Sign up for the bus that’s headed to Harrison for the match against the Red Bulls and join the screaming, chanting, singing Revs contingent supporting the boys in blue.

Pick-up locations will be staged at The Banshee (Dorchester, Mass.), Gillette Stadium and the Wallingford, Conn., Park and Ride.

Two packages are available: bus and game tickets ($20 for supporters group members or $35 for non-members) or just game tickets ($20).

For more information about the bus trip, to sign up and reserve your seat  - or even join the supporters groups - visit: Midnight Riders | The Rebellion

12 December 1:12 pm

December 12, 2012. Today’s really just another Wednesday, right? Apparently not.

There seems to be a lot of to-do about it being 12/12/12 for the first and only time in 100 years. 

So, we’ll jump in and recognize the Revolution’s own 12s. Do you think you can you name them all (without looking below)?

We did a bit of research yesterday for, who listed the city’s five team’s most recent – and most famous – 12s. By our calculations, there have been only three seasons in which the number 12 was not worn: 2002, 2009 and 2012.

First, and probably foremost, was Joe-Max Moore. Do you remember that he wore #12 in his first two seasons with the Revs? While he’s more recognizable to Revs faithful in his iconic #9, Joe-Max wore number 12 in 1996 and 1997. He only switched to #9 in 1998.

David Nakhid, a Trinidadian defender, then wore #12 in 1998, followed by Kris Kelderman in 1999. In 2000, Adam Eyre wore 12, proceeded by Alan Woods in 2001.

As noted, 2002 – the year in which the Revs made their case on a national stage with their first appearance in MLS Cup – no one wore 12. However, Malian defender Daouda Kante wore 12 in 2003 and 2004. (Jay Heaps remembered Daouda wearing it when we quizzed him yesterday.)

After what could be called an identity crisis between 1998 and 2004 with five players wearing it in six years, the number 12 finally found a regular home in 2005 when back-up goalkeeper Doug Warren took the kit, wearing it through the 2008 season.

Since it was used as a goalkeeper number for so long, it was another year before a field player took over #12 – Cory Gibbs in 2010. Rookie Alan Koger donned #12 in 2011 and is the most recent player to wear it.

With that quick review of our number 12s, how many do you remember and who is your favorite?

03 April 7:09 pm

We knew when as early as yesterday morning that there was a threat of severe weather forecast for today. (“What do they mean by severe?” “Don’t know, it just said SEVERE across today on the seven-day forecast.”)

That said, Jay Heaps took the initiative to try to move training up 30 minutes this morning. While the team ended up getting underway a bit earlier than originally scheduled, even that didn’t keep us from avoiding the weather outright. At the end of the team’s 75-minute training session at UT-Dallas, the sky opened up and even Jeff Lemieux had to finish recording his post-practice interviews at the hotel to avoid getting the equipment wet.

The group came back to the hotel in south Frisco and everyone showered up and got ready for lunch. With TVs on in most rooms, about half the travel party knew that tornadoes were in the area and headed our direction. As just about everyone was in the meal room – and some had even wrapped up and headed back to their rooms - team administrator Nick Kropelin came in to say that the hotel warned him the tornadoes were a few towns over and the hotel said to stay in the stairwells if we needed to go up to our rooms.

The guys keeping themselves entertained
in the Hotel basement

With the heads up, we continued to eat lunch and just a few minutes later, the hotel-wide announcement came over the loudspeakers directing everyone to the basement through the lobby area. Most of the group went straight down from the meal room, but some had to run up to the team’s floor to make sure everyone was heeding the announcement and hustle them down. (Mind you, some of the group had already experienced this situation last year when we had tornado sirens and hotel announcements come in Kansas City for our U.S. Open Cup match in May.)

After a headcount came up correct in the basement, everyone – including all the hotel’s guests and staff – settled in. While we were only down there for about 30 minutes, maybe a bit longer, the staff was tremendous and provided drinks and snacks as everyone was crowded into an area no bigger than a bank lobby.

Finally we got the go-ahead to go back to our rooms and saw that our area was spared. The cell that came over us apparently did some awful damage a short distance away, several towns over. What we did see was spectacular lightning, the remnants of hail and driving rain that was on the backside of the cell that came through. We didn’t really experience much heavy wind, but the sky was still pitch black until the storm moved further off to the northeast.

For all of our friends and family who tried to reach members of the travel party while we were in the basement, we appreciate it and we’re all fine. Unfortunately we didn’t have cell service and then it took about an hour to settle out and return to normal.

We hope that all of our FC Dallas brethren are OK, including friends, family and supporters.