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jeff lemieux

18 December 4:23 pm

Here at, there’s plenty to keep us busy during the offseason. With international signings, trades, Re-Entry Drafts and schedule announcements, the news never really stops and it’s our duty to keep you informed with an inside look you can’t find anywhere else.

But it’s also important for us to pause during the offseason and analyze what we’ve done in the past, primarily so we have a better idea what we should be doing in the future.

That’s where you, Revolution fans, enter the picture.

You’re our target audience and the entire purpose of our job is to provide the coverage you crave. As such, it’s most helpful to know exactly what kind of content drives you to (or what would drive you here more often in the future).

This past year we brought back familiar video features like “Revolution Soccer Gameday” and “Box to Box” while adding new concepts with “Boot Room Breakdown,” “Inside the 6” and our series of “Sun Life: Get to Know You” videos. We continued our weekly Far Post Podcast and slowly began introducing guests into the mix. Written features continued to be primarily dependent on current happenings. And I personally tried to be as accessible as possible through social media (particularly Twitter, @jeff_lemieux).

Having consumed this content for the past year, what did you enjoy most? What would you definitely like to see return in 2013? What types of features – video, audio, written – would you like to see in the future?

Leave your suggestions in the comments below, keeping in mind that your voice can help shape our content moving forward.

Thanks so much,

05 December 5:12 pm

I’ll readily admit I don’t watch much college soccer throughout the course of the regular season, but I do vividly recall watching last year’s NCAA College Cup. In particular, I remember being wowed by UCLA’s second goal in a 2-2 draw (and subsequent penalty shootout loss) to the eventual national champion North Carolina Tar Heels in one of the semifinals.

A dynamic sophomore midfielder named Kelyn Rowe played a one-two at the top of the box with forward Chandler Hoffman before slicing through the UNC defense and deftly chipping the ball over the onrushing goalkeeper. Analyst Taylor Twellman called it “a special goal from a special player.”

Immediately I thought, “That kid’s good.”

One month later I found myself interviewing “that kid” after the Revs drafted him with the third overall pick in the 2012 MLS SuperDraft. Of course, Rowe went on to become a regular in the Revolution’s lineup during his rookie season, notching three goals and a team-leading five assists in 30 appearances. Safe to say he’ll be an integral part of New England’s young core heading into 2013.

Players like Rowe are why you should be watching when the 2012 NCAA College Cup unfolds this weekend in Hoover, Ala. The semifinals kick off on Friday, Dec. 7, with No. 2 Maryland taking on No. 3 Georgetown at 5 p.m. ET, followed by No. 12 Creighton and No. 16 Indiana at 7:30 p.m. ET. Both games will be televised on ESPNU.

Friday’s winners will meet in the National Championship on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 2 p.m. ET, also on ESPNU. What were you going to do on Sunday afternoon? Watch American football? Come on.

Once again the Revs are slated to pick early in the SuperDraft as they currently hold the fourth overall selection in the 2013 edition, scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 17, in Indianapolis, Ind. They also hold three picks in the second round, so there’s a decent chance someone on the field in Alabama this weekend could end up wearing a Revolution jersey come January.

As a side note, I know many of you will be unable to watch Friday’s games live as the Midnight Riders are hosting their second annual FIFA Tournament at The Greatest Bar in Boston. In fact, I’ll be in that same boat. That’s why they invented DVR.

I’ll leave you with a clip of Rowe’s goal from last year’s NCAA College Cup …

06 November 4:13 pm

I have mixed feelings about the 2012 MLS Cup Playoffs.

In one respect it’s an exciting time to be an MLS fan. The games are coming fast and furious and they all have that unmistakable “playoff” feel as we begin to dwindle down the title contenders. Entire seasons hinge on every play and the tension is palpable, even from the comfort of my own couch.

But on the other hand, I wish I wasn’t watching the postseason from my couch. Let’s face it, the pain of watching the MLS Cup Playoffs when the Revs aren’t involved can be excruciating, particularly when some of our closest rivals are taking part. I’m pretty sure I dry heaved during starting lineups for the New York Red Bulls – D.C. United game this past weekend. I’m probably not alone there, either.

This conundrum leads to an interesting question for those who strike some sort of balance between being a Revolution fan and being an MLS fan: Do you watch the MLS Cup Playoffs when the Revs aren’t involved?

If you do watch, do you actually cheer for a specific team? A specific player? Or do you just watch to see what happens?

Personally, I find myself pulling for specific players more than anything else. I’m too closely tied to the Revs to ever feel emotionally attached to another team, but I do care about the success of former Revolution players whom I crossed paths with in Foxborough. Which is why I cheered for Brad Knighton in the Western Conference Knockout Round and pull for Seth Sinovic in the Eastern Conference Semis. Then of course there’s Steve Ralston, who serves as an assistant coach in Houston. They’re good guys and if the Revs can’t win, I’d be OK if they did.

What about you? Are you cheering for any player or team in particular? Or are you pretending the playoffs didn’t even happen this year?

10 April 10:31 am

What do an isthmus, Californium and aspartame all have in common?

Well, not much, really. Except that they were all correct answers which helped Red Card the F.O. – a motley crew made up of Revolution President Brian Bilello, Director of Marketing Cathal Conlon, Account Executive Kyle Lindsay and myself – finish third in last night’s Midnight Riders Trivia Night held at the Pour House on Boylston Street. As much as I’d love to take credit for our solid showing, I have to admit that Bilello (@RevsPrez) was our MVP. Apparently MIT is a decent school or something. I am proud to declare that I, however, was the one who knew which HBO series debuted in 1998 and became the first cable show to win the Emmy for Best Comedy; Sex and the City. Actually, maybe “proud” is the wrong word.

The night wasn’t without late drama as we actually took a five-point lead into the final question of the evening only to be tripped up by which city saw a baseball stadium demolished in 2000 to make way for a football stadium in 2003. Our guess was Cincinnati. The correct answer was Seattle. Alas, victory slipped away at the death.

We actually finished on the podium with a third-place showing, but passed on our prizes to the fourth-place finisher in exchange for the entire bar joining in on a particular chant about not liking D.C. United very much. You know the one. As you can guess, it wasn’t hard to convince everybody.

Of course there were really only winners on the night as it was announced at the end of the event that approximately $7,000 had been raised for Adam Kopoyan, an incredibly brave young boy currently recovering from a traumatic brain injury. You can read more about Adam’s story and you can continue to donate to the cause HERE.

All in all, a fantastic night put on by the Midnight Riders and all for a good cause. Red Card the F.O. will most definitely see you next year … and we’ll be ready.

03 March 3:51 pm

Because of space constraints at Kino Sports Complex, we’ve been shooting our postgame videos just steps outside the Revolution’s locker room. This is what happens when players walking from the locker room to the bus spot a teammate being interviewed on camera …

22 February 2:38 pm

We’ve got a Bigfoot situation on our hands here in Tucson.

No, we didn’t actually spot a Yeti, although that would be pretty cool. We’ll post that video if we do. What we do have is Benny Feilhaber talking about an allegedly breathtaking goal he scored during yesterday’s training session. The problem is – much like with Bigfoot – we didn’t capture the goal on film. So all we have to go by is Benny’s vivid description.

With some prodding from anxious onlooker Chris Tierney, Benny was adamant that he mention this alleged goal during yesterday’s post-training interviews. Now it’s up to you to watch and decide if it actually happened. I suppose it wouldn’t be all that outrageous for Feilhaber to score a highlight-reel goal. There was that whole 2007 Gold Cup Final against Mexico thing.

21 February 8:22 pm

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the Revolution’s updated preseason roster, I’d suggest you do so here. There were quite a few new faces in camp for the first training session here in Tucson this morning and the roster was necessary even for those of us who’ve been around for the entire preseason.

All told, there are 10 players currently in camp with the Revs who are not under contract with the club, which accounts for approximately one-third of the players in camp. Included in that group are Supplemental Draft picks Alec Purdie, Michael Roach and Rick Smith.

Also traveling with the Revs to Arizona were Blake Brettschneider, Gabe Mercier and Jeremiah White, all of whom had spent time in camp with the Revolution prior to this trip. Joining the club here in Tucson were four fresh faces: Italian midfielder Luisito Campisi, British defender Tom Cruise, German defender Florian Lechner and Swedish forward Bjorn Runstrom.

14 February 4:32 pm

In case you were wondering, the Revs did not sign former Seattle SuperSonics, Oklahoma City Thunder and New York Knicks center Saer Sene. Different guy.

13 February 4:23 pm

A special guest dropped by training on Monday morning; someone who’ll be instantly recognizable to fans of the Revolution circa 1999-2001.

Colombian legend Leonel Alvarez – who had two stints with the Dallas Burn from 1996-99 and a three-year spell with the Revs from 1999-2001 – was in town for an extended weekend visiting old acquaintances and made it a point to attend the Revolution’s training session at the Dana-Farber Field House.

Alvarez paid keen attention to New England’s Colombian duo of Fernando Cardenas and John Lozano, both of whom the former Colombia National Team head coach spoke of very highly. Alvarez called Cardenas “a magician with the ball,” while he praised Lozano’s discipline and winning mentality. An experienced MLSer himself, Alvarez said the objective for Cardenas and Lozano must be to adjust to the league’s fast-paced style and “show that they can play the game.”

If they’re anywhere near as successful as Alvarez – a three-time MLS All-Star – the Revs will be more than pleased.

Top: Leonel Alvarez takes in today's training session with Vice-President of Business Development Craig Tornberg; Middle: Alvarez catches up with Jay Heaps; Bottom: Alvarez answers interview questions.

13 February 11:05 am

This is the box score from Bayern Munich’s 4-1 win over AC Milan in the 2009 Audi Cup. Not bad company for the Revolution’s newest signing. Check out the highlights to see Sène score in the 89th minute and help set up Thomas Muller’s second goal just one minute later.

FC Bayern Munich 4 – 1 AC Milan
FCB – Thomas Muller 12
FCB – Bastian Schweinsteiger 79
ACM – Andrea Pirlo 81
FCB – Saër Sène 89
FCB – Thomas Muller 90