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jason dalrymple

08 May 5:10 pm

Earlier this afternoon, New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski said he might have to become a soccer goalkeeper after stepping between the pipes at Gillette Stadium. Gronk isn't really thinking of switching professions, however, as the big man was taking part in a Make a Wish Foundation visit with 14-year-old Cole. No word on how many saves were "Gronked" during this visit.

05 May 12:22 pm

As if you needed another excuse to celebrate on Cinco de Mayo - on this very same day in 1988 - Revolution defender Kevin Alston was born in Washington, D.C. 

Other notable birthdays today include Grammy Award Winner Adele (who is also 24), Ann B. Davis ("Alice" on The Brady Bunch), Danielle Fishel (who you may remember as "Topanga" on Boy Meets World), performing artist Craig David, "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams and 80s sitcom star Tina Youthers. Not a bad bunch!

Now we all know Kevin has had a tough week with the team having three games in eight days and an unfortunate bout with illness. So, if you want to wish Kevin a happy birthday, hit him up on twitter (@KAlston30). And if you are also a Cinco de Mayo baby - happy birthday to you, too.

03 May 1:58 pm

A video wrap-up of the 2012 Future Champions Guateng Tournament. 

03 May 11:50 am

What's going on in this photo? Tell us in the comments below.

27 April 4:15 pm

Lesson learned: never fall asleep near Shalrie Joseph on the Acela traing to New York.

26 April 3:41 pm profiles hometown boy Chris Tierney and his career with the Revolution.

22 April 8:23 pm

This is what happens when:

  1. Soccer players have a weekend off
  2. Soccer players have a weekend off and go golfing
20 April 10:36 am

With the Revs off this weekend, we were contemplating after the podcast on Wednesday where or how some of the guys might spend their weekend. So being the characters that we are, the first idea that came to mind was "Weekend at Bernie's." Don't ask why, it just did. 

Have your own far-fetched ideas as to where some of the Revs would spend their weekend? We've seen some pretty nice Photoshop work amongst our fans, so if you're reading this and want to contribute, tweet your 'shops at us (@NERevolution) and we'll post them here on Monday.

Have a good weekend, everyone! And if you want to keep up with all the other MLS action over the weekend, here's where you can watch.