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jason dalrymple

27 March 11:32 am

So it looks like we'll be recording on Tuesdays for the next few months (as most of your have already figured out) - but here's this week's podcast. Lots of bickering this week, don't say I didn't warn you!

22 March 10:14 am

Revolution Strength and Conditioning Coach Nick Downing has contributed a great piece to's "Get Moving" blog in which he covers the benefits of not overdoing it in your workouts.

"Many people have aerobic bases that are not built up enough to do high-impact workouts without serious risk of injury. And even for the very fit – like the soccer pros I work with on the Revolution – the risks of intense aerobic/anaerobic workouts often outweigh the rewards."

"Try lower-intensity aerobic training. The beauty of this kind of aerobic work is that it’s not super intense, and it puts you at a far lower risk for injury, burn-out and over-exertion."

So if this winter ever ends (which it will, of course) - get out there and get moving! I know I will be. Read the full article here.

18 March 7:13 pm

Brad Feldman and Jeff Causey wrap up the Revs' 1-0 loss in Philadelphia on Saturday evening in this piece.

18 March 12:00 pm

Andrew Farrell joined host Michaela Johnson on this morning's Rhode Show on WPRI 12 in Providence. Check out the video below.

NE 'Rev'ving up for home opener

18 March 9:55 am

We will be hosting our first ever Google+ Hangout this Tuesday, March 19 at 2 p.m. ET. Jeff Lemieux will be your host, with Kevin Alston and Darrius Barnes joining in and taking your questions.

You can submit your questions two ways:

1) Twitter - Tag your question with #BeThere323 and use the Twitter handle of the person you are asking your question to: @KAlston30, @D_Barnes25 or @Jeff_Lemieux.

2) Leave a comment on the hangout video our Google+ page once the hangout goes live.

So, get your questions ready and hang out with us!

15 March 12:49 pm

Andrew Farrell's first trek around Boston was a great one. Thanks to everyone who greeted Andrew and Slyde along the way! Check out some photos from their travels below.